*Seasonal* Matcha x Date Caramel DREAM (GF, V, RSF)
*Seasonal* Matcha x Date Caramel DREAM (GF, V, RSF)

*Seasonal* Matcha x Date Caramel DREAM (GF, V, RSF)

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Sizing (inches by diameter)
6" Round Cake - Up to 10 Pax
8” Round Cake - Up to 20 Pax

Calling all Peanut Butter lovers! This Matcha x peanut CARAMEL combo is so well loved with the contrast of bittersweet matcha cake base and peanut butter that has been lightly salted.

Caramel is usually made with white sugar, but did you know that we make magic in our kitchen - minus the sugar which makes us feel sloppy!

Topped with more dry Roasted Ground Peanuts for crunch, organic cacao nibs and rose petals.

Our Fudge Cake is made from premium ingredients like kidney beans, generous amounts of Japanese Uji matcha powder, dates, rolled oats and seeds, these are rich protein, fibre and powerful antioxidants from green tea.  

  • Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Eggless | Naturally Sweetened with Minimal Dates 
  • Handmade from scratch with 8 Wholefoods ingredients
  • Topping ingredients: Refined Sugar Free Peanut Butter Date "Caramel", Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, edible Rose petals 
  • Low In Natural Sugars, Suitable for Diabetics

Allergens: Nuts (peanuts), Oats 

Contact us for alternative to oats. 

**Please read** Storage Instructions:

- As this cake is very low in fat and sugar content, please store it in the fridge within 1 hour upon collection. Able to store up to 3 days. Best enjoyed cold from the fridge! 

- Want to save some for a guilt free snack? Simply pre-slice them after collection and freeze in an airtight container for up to 1 month.