*EXCLUSIVE* Double Matcha Fudge Cake 2.0 (GF, V, RSF)
*EXCLUSIVE* Double Matcha Fudge Cake 2.0 (GF, V, RSF)
*EXCLUSIVE* Double Matcha Fudge Cake 2.0 (GF, V, RSF)

*EXCLUSIVE* Double Matcha Fudge Cake 2.0 (GF, V, RSF)

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6" Round Cake - Up to 10 Pax
8” Round Cake - Up to 20 Pax

Our Limited Edition Flavour is back! With even more pronounced matcha flavour! 

Inspired by the matcha desserts we tried in Kyoto and highly-requested customers who are Matcha Addicts, we've created a Wholesome DOUBLE MATCHA Cake with no added sugars, so you can get your matcha fix with absolutely NO GUILT and no nasties! 

Created from premium ingredients like kidney beans, generous amounts of Japanese matcha powder, cashews, dates, rolled oats and seeds, these are rich protein, fibre and powerful antioxidants from green tea. It is strong in matcha flavour – not for the faint-hearted. 

  • Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Eggless | Refined Sugar Free | Naturally Sweetened with Dates
  • Handmade from scratch with 8 Wholefoods ingredients
  • Topping ingredients: Organic Dried Mulberries, Flaked Almonds, Freezedried Berries 
  • Low In Natural Sugars, Suitable for Diabetics
  • Frosting: Double Matcha with Matcha Wholefoods Cashew Frosting (refined sugar free) 

Allergens: Nuts, Oats, Soy (In Matcha frosting)

Contact us for alternative to oats or soy in frosting.

**Please read** Storage Instructions:

- As this cake is very low in fat and sugar content, please store it in the fridge upon collection and enjoy it cold from the fridge! 

Leftovers: Able to store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 days OR pre-slice them after collection and freeze airtight for up to 1 month as a guilt-free snack! 

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Yu H.
Singapore Singapore
Authentic Matcha Cake

Having this cake and there's no turning back, now that conventional green tea pastries have an artificial taste, after you have tasted this real deal. Do note that this is not on the sweeter side of TCA's creations, but its perfect for me.

Zoe O.
Singapore Singapore
Matcha cake

A new experience of tasting such wholesome rich cake. The base was sticky to chew but overall still alright.

Shaye .
Singapore Singapore
Wholesome goodness!

Love how dense the cake was, packed full of good stuff and naturally sweet too! Cake decor was amazing, props for the effort! Really pretty cake! Matcha used was definitely of good quality, because after eating the cake, the taste of matcha lingered on in the mouth for a bit n it reminded me of the last time i actually drank authentic matcha. Yum!

Matcha lovers would love it!!

I really enjoyed it very much! I love how strong the matcha taste is, not many matcha products out there have that bitter matcha taste, so I could tell that the matcha used in this cake is of good quality and I really appreciate that a lot being a total matcha fanatic hehe. I’d recommend it if you’re someone who enjoys the bitter taste of good quality matcha :) don’t worry though! It’s not like Super bitter or anything!! But you will be able to taste the yumminess of it :D