Wholesome Happiness Family Bundle (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free)

Wholesome Happiness Family Bundle (Vegan, Refined Sugar Free)

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*Limited boxes each week! Sent out on Wednesdays or Sundays from now till 13 June. No refunds will be made if you have selected the wrong date. Please contact us to reschedule your treats delivery on a Wed/Sun.

Staying home can be unbearable for most of us (including me) and here's a curated Happiness Bundle for you and your loved ones to share to keep you going. We can do it and we can also keep ourselves safe and healthy during these times.

Eat clean, feel better with these treats! Perfect for anytime of the day to enjoy with your tea or coffee!

Each bundle contains:

2 x Hojicha x Dark Chocolate Fudge Cake (seasonal special)

2 x Matcha x Sesame Fudge Cake

2 x Orange Goji Coconut Bliss Ball* (experimental flavour)

2 x Dark Raw Cacao Walnut Protein Ball*

2 x Citrus Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Vegan Mochi Muffin (seasonal special)

**Picture is just for reference. Each bundle will contain 2 sets of the items in this box.


*Peanut, Walnut (in raw cacao ball), soy lecithin (Mochi Muffin, Hojicha fudge cake), soy milk (Mochi Muffin), Oats (goji ball, Fudge cakes).