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Linda Tang of WeBarre: Her Motherhood journey and what's next on the cards for her

As we all know, being a Mum isn’t easy, we are excited to bring you a 3-part series of interviews with our @thecleanaddicts Ambassadors who had a baby last year. 

We hope that through these stories, they will give you strength and encouragement if you’re going to be a Mum or am already one!

In this feature, we ask Linda Tang of WeBarre on her journey on Motherhood so far with her daughter, Ella who is 7 months right now!

What is something you learned about motherhood that you wish someone had told you?

Every baby, every motherhood journey is so different and that each situation will be unique to its own. You can go into a pregnancy planning to do one thing and it could all go out of the window depending on your baby & how you want to be a mother to them.  Be patient, be flexible and be kind to yourself and your baby. You're learning about each other & will only get better and more confident with time!

Was there a difficult phase that you had to go through as a first-time mum?

Definitely! There's many moments where I lost my sh!t and really needed help. I'm human after all.  One time, my husband came home and I gave him Ella saying, "You need to take her I need a time out."
I knew in that moment that I had run out of my patience and needed a reset to be able to be a loving mother again.  Sleep deprivation can drive one crazy! But I asked for help, I gave myself time and told myself this too will pass, and it does! 
And with each additional day I spend with Ella, I gain more confidence in the mum I can be for her!

How are you managing WeBarre and balancing family time? And how do you tackle ‘Mom-guilt’? 

The days just FLY by! Haha efficiency is my middle name now and I have to be so much more strategic with my time. I try to block out time to work and block out time for family where I am truly present.  
I feel really lucky that I am able to work in my own business where I can be flexible with my time. but working truly energises me!  It gives me a sense of self and purpose and makes me feel so alive. It helps me be a better mum to Ella because when I’m with her, i really value the time we have together, after nourishing my own self. 

"I always feel that we can only give when we take care of ourselves too, so don't ever forget to nourish your own soul mamas!"

what is your self-care routine after having ella?



It sounds really boring but sleep? I think mamas never get enough sleep! If i can have a nap for myself, I feel BRAND NEW! Other than that, exercising makes me feel so so good. I try to buffer out at least 2 - 3 times a week where i can move, whether thats teaching a class, taking one, or just going for a walk. I always feel re-energised and so happy after that 1 hour for myself!  


    any future plans of having another baby?

    I'd love a #2, but i would like to enjoy Ella a little more before I have to share her! So not anytime soon, but probably in the near future so they can grow up together.

    what have you been working on at webarre?


    At WeBarre we've been working hard to bring our workout to more people, more conveniently, in whichever form makes most sense in your lifestyle! So not only do we have face to face workouts in the studios, but also a livestream virtual class as well as WeBarre On Demand.  

     I love that we can cater to all of our clients needs, whether if you're a mum that is stretched for time, or you're working half half in the office and from home.  I love that we can make it easy, so that you can slot in that me-time the most conveniently, and walk away feeling energised and ready to conquer your day. 

     I truly believe that sharing stories allows us to grow as a person and I can’t wait to share their learnings especially for those who are also conceiving or going through pregnancy/postpartum! 

    Click here to explore linda's favourite desserts!
     her current favourits are chocolate mochi muffins & flourless cacao fudge cake 

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