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My Story

the clean addicts founder andrea lee


Hi, I’m Andrea Lee and I’m an addict.

An addict to clean treats, that is. It hasn’t always been this way, though. I used to be addicted to that white, powdery stuff: sugar!

I watched my beloved mom suffer from ill health. After undergoing surgery for clogged arteries, her life was on the line. That night I made a change. I would eat healthier.

Food became my medicine.

the clean addicts cake delivery healthy food

Plant based. Vegan. Dairy free. Sugar free. Eggless. Sustainability. Diabetic-friendly.

What do all these words have in common?

They’re what make The Clean Addicts so special.

As a woman with a sweet tooth, I never wanted to give up my desserts. The difficult thing was, I couldn’t find any healthy alternatives in Singapore that contained simple ingredients with no preservatives or unrefined sugars. So, I decided to make my own.

I experimented like a mad scientist for several months and finally launched by bakery online in 2017!

Using only real, whole foods like nuts, beans and oats, my desserts were healthy foods packed with nutrients and benefits. I was exploring whole foods in depth and getting really excited about my findings, aka my fudge cakes.

I’m a certified Nutrition Coach (PN) and Raw Food Chef with certifications from leading vegan culinary schools — Matthew Kenney Culinary Academy and Sayuri Healing Foods.

Every day, I carry my mom’s story with me by learning how to help others be healthier. Starting with my sweet treats, I inspire you to live a more balanced life.

To happiness & good health,


the clean addicts

Above: My 1st ever Farmer's Market in 2017! I was selling my vegan wholefoods fudge cakes, where not many people knew what the term "vegan" was. Look how far we have come!

In 2020: We launched our unique Wholefoods Log Cake! Made with premium real food ingredients - even the tree stump is made with real foods and handcrafted with love.

No refined flours, butter, icing sugar or nasty chemicals/fake chocolate/artificial flavours/colourings!

Spirulina and moringa smoothie bowl.
I love making healthy food and sharing my passion with you and I host private & public workshops.
Connect with me at hi@thecleanaddicts.com 



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Eat and Feel better with us. Let us be your Clean Addiction!