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Motherhood with Linda Tang of WeBarre: Reality of raising 2 kids while managing her growing Barre studio business!

Mother's Day is back again and we are thrilled to back our interviews with our Mommas in the community! This time, we are interviewing 2 mothers who keep it real in their parenthood journey.

In this feature, we ask Linda Tang of WeBarre on updates in her journey on Motherhood with 3-year-old Ella and 6-month-old newborn, Evan!


Can you share more about yourself & your own health journey?

I'm Linda, an Aussie born Chinese, residing in Singapore over the last 15 years! I've had quite a rollercoaster of a journey with my health and image, but I'm happy to say that I've never been more comfortable in my own skin, than right now! I've learnt to love myself, flaws and all, and to celebrate its journey and all that it can do!


We've seen your growing family of 2! Congratulations! What is different about your second pregnancy and/or birth of baby & how have your evolved as a mother?

The human body is so miraculous to grow a baby, birth it and to nurse it as it grows. I am truly amazed at how nature works so in sync with your baby, and exactly what it needs at that moment in time.

My second baby was bigger than my first (3.7 vs 3kg), making the delivery a little more difficult, his head was too big! 

But being a second time mother has been truly so enjoyable. I stopped sweating the small things, and was able to intentionally be more present. I recall I was always googling some mum questions with my first born, but with my second, I was able to just stroke his little head as I breastfed, lapping in all of his smells and little body. Motherhood can be so sweet (and crazy at the same time).



aS a busy entrepreneur and mother of 2, can you share some tips or routines that have helped you manage your time effectively while running a successful studio and caring for your children?

Who are we kidding, it is SO HARD to balance everything! Between work, 2 kids, 2 dogs, husband, self care and spending time with my own parents, my time is so so sacred.  

"One tip I received that I absolutely loved was, to be present where your feet were at that moment in time."


I can't be everywhere at once, but I can really be present wherever I am.

So I try to lock myself in a room when I really need to work, or I leave my phone at home when I want to take my kids out for some quality time, and that has helped me feel like my days are structured in a way that allows me to manage all the different aspects!  

How DO you prepare healthy meals and snacks for your family to satisfy the preferences of your children? 

Meal plan, healthy snacks, and to aim to eat the same things!  

I love feeding both my toddler and baby the same things (like a lamb chop) but I season one, and cook the other without any salt.  

I make a big pot of spaghetti bolognese and freeze little toddler portions so that it's a quick meal when I don't have time. I always have some healthy snacks like 100% peanut butter, dried apple or seaweed to give my kids when they're snackish!

I can't wait for my baby to eat normal food as well so we can all eat the same thing together! He's just 6 months old now :)

who you look up to in your motherhood journey and why?

Definitely my partner Anabel.  She always makes it look so calm, cool and collected and I always look to her for advice when I come up to a challenge. Her kids are a year older than mine so it really helps that she's experienced it already and is able to offer me so much wisdom and perspective! 

I'm lucky to have a business partner that I can also go through life with - and that helps so much to support each other through work and our personal lives!

can you share a memorable experience or favourite product from the Clean addicts that that has left a lasting impression on you?

The chocolate mochi cupcakes hands down!! They are my absolute fav. Chewy, soft and gooey in the middle, they are super divine and healthy at the same time! I can share it with my toddler guilt free, and my hubby loves them as well.



chocolate mochi muffins & flourless cocoa fudge cake 

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