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Motherhood with full-time working Mum, Claris Yong: Navigating healthy eating for toddlers & self-care strategies

As we all know, being a Mum isn’t easy, we are thrilled to bring you a 2-part series of interviews with Mothers within our CLEAN Community!

I hope that through these stories, they will give you strength and encouragement if you’re hoping to become a Mum or am already one!

In this part 2/2 feature, I ask Claris, on her thoughts on Motherhood after having her son & how she manages to encourage her toddler on eating more wholefoods!

can you share more about yourself?

I am a mother of a 19 month old boy and am currently working as a full time nurse. I became interested in health and wellness when I was recovering from having dysmorphic thoughts about my body. 

What is something you learned about motherhood recently that you wish someone had told you?

Do not stress about everything. As a first-time Mum, we are always worried about the smallest matter. Just listen to your baby’s cues and trust your motherly instincts.


How is your  journey into motherhood like & how has it influenced your approach to nutrition and wellness for your family?

Motherhood has its ups and downs and I’m still learning about it as the days go by. One thing I have learnt is that building the immunity of your family is very important. That is why I always try to prioritise whole foods for my family.


What are some of your go-to strategies for creating healthy and balanced meals for your toddler, especially considering the challenges of busy schedules and picky eating habits?

I always make sure he always has carbohydrates, fats, protein and fibre in every meal. My toddler is doing baby led weaning so we started him on whole foods since 6 months old.

I will usually get inspiration online and try to make it for the whole family so it won’t be so stressful. He is still picky about vegetables so we are still working on that but I will usually put finely chopped vegetables in meatballs, fritters and omelette. He loves his fruits so I’m less worried about him getting fibre in his diet. 

Some of my go-to healthy recipes are from: Yummy Toddler Food, Boob to Food, MJ and Hungryman and Saira Steelman.

How do you incorporate whole foods ingredients into your family's diet, and what benefits have you noticed from this approach?

I will go to the supermarket after work or during my off days to stock up on these goodies. I notice I do feel better after eating home cooked meals and being more energised. My toddler has been less sick after eating more diverse meals. 

He also started drinking bone broth and various soups almost everyday to improve his gut health which improves his immunity too.  We also reduce our sugar intake as a family.


How do you prioritise self-care and mental well-being amidst the demands of motherhood, work & what advice would you give to other mothers navigating similar challenges?

Being a parent is no doubt a tiring job. Sometimes, being too immersed in that role makes you lose yourself. By incorporating my usual pre pregnancy habits (like regular exercise) into my current routine, I feel less burnt out as a mother as this gives me the much needed “me time” which is highly essential. Last but not least, always rely on your other half whenever applicable. After all, parenthood is not supposed to be a 1 man show!

As a regular at our wholefoods vegan bakery, what are some of your favourite products & how do they fit into your routine?

I usually have the cacao protein balls as my pre-workout snack because they give me the energy boost for my workouts. My toddler & I love the banana and chocolate muffins. 

I don’t mind giving him the muffins as they are low in sugar and made with whole foods!

finally, how has our bakery influenced your journey as a mother and your commitment to providing nutritious options for your family?

Having these goodies readily delivered to my doorstep brings about convenience especially when I’m faced with a hectic work schedule. 

Best of all, I can snack on the protein balls & fudge cakes with no guilt!




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