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Types of Sweeteners in Desserts: Glycemic Index & Their Impact on Your Body

Sweeteners in Cakes and Desserts

sugary desserts glycemic index


Have you ever sifted through the Internet to find cake and buttercream recipes and made them from scratch?

If so, were you aware of the ingredients like butter, shortening and sugar added into the dessert?

The Clean Addicts have previously baked normal cakes and other baked goods like macarons, and were astounded by the amount of refined sugars in them!

The frosting on a normal celebration cake can contain up to 5 cups or more cups of icing sugar. Yes you didn't read that wrongly!

No wonder kids are hyperactive, and we experience a major sugar crash, which makes us feel sluggish and terrible!

Why do we experience a sugar crash?

Let's take a look at Glycemic Index to understand it better. 

Glycemic index measures how rapidly a certain food converts into the most basic form of energy. 

Glycemic Index (also referred to as GI) can help you understand how a food will impact your feelings. Essentially, the higher the GI value, the more dramatically the food item can increase your blood sugar levels, which in turn can affect your mood and body’s energy.

Foods receive a score based on a 100 point glucose index, with a maximum score of 100 being pure glucose. Foods with a lower GI value tend to have more complex forms of carbohydrates, and are higher in fiber, protein, fat and/or water content.

This allows for a more sustained energy release.

Sugar Source / Glycemic Index (GI) List

Glucose or Dextrose: 100
High Fructose Corn Syrup: 62-87
Sucrose: 65-80
Corn Syrup: 75
Evaporated Cane Juice: 55
Maple Syrup: 54
Raw Honey: 30-50 
Unrefined Cane Sugar: 50 

Dates: 41

Fructose: 25  
Xylitol: 15 
Yacob Syrup:  1   
Erythritol:  1 
Stevia: < 1

*Keep in mind that the Glycemic Index is based on blood glucose levels, but there are other factors and measures by which sugars affect the body.

We use dates in our fudge cakes which are diabetic friendly 

Date Facts:

1) Dates are a healthy substitute for white sugar in recipes due to their sweet taste, nutrients, fiber and antioxidants.

2) For Bone health: Dates contain several minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. All of these have been studied for their potential to prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis

3) Blood sugar control: Dates have the potential to help with blood sugar regulation due to their low glycemic index, fibre and antioxidants. Thus, eating them may benefit diabetes management

If you have a need to minimise your sugar intake, we will be gladly to do so!
We can also bake with sugar alcohols like Erythritol in our cakes with success! 

Just note that texture or flavour might change with such sugars.

They will not be as sweet or flavourful like sugar as they do not caramelise. Do contact us to check on availability for these sweeteners. 

Ultimately, our desserts use unrefined sugars and are generally less sweet than most of the other desserts sold in commercial bakeries. 

If you have trusted us with your cake or other goodies, thank you! We hope you can appreciate the unrefined and "less sweet" version that you're used to and start to be more aware of your daily sugar intake.


To preorder a healthier and refined sugar free cake, please contact us or visit https://thecleanaddicts.com/collections/all.

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