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Victoria Martin Tay of boOm Singapore: Motherhood, Mastitis & Tips for Moms to Re-enter the Workforce

As we all know, being a Mum isn’t easy, we are excited to bring you our final part of interviews with our @thecleanaddicts Ambassadors who had a baby last year. 

We hope that through these stories, they will give you strength and encouragement - whichever stage that you are at. Go Mama!

In this feature, we speak to Victoria Martin-Tay (@vickems) of her Motherhood journey that had a rather rocky start and how she dealt with those challenges!

What is something you learned that you wish someone had told you

That every pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood journey is completely unique and shouldn’t be compared. Some moms will even tell you if they’ve had multiple kids, that each pregnancy might’ve been quite different for them. Don’t let people tell you what your pregnancy or journey is going to be like or should be like - leave it to your pregnancy to show you. Just enjoy every bit of the experience, it is beautiful (while certainly not easy) to grow life within you and nurture it outside of you. 

I heard you suffered from mastitis (clogged milk ducts and infection). what were the symptoms?

I had mastitis quite a few times and struggled with clogged ducts and milk blisters virtually all the time. Having body chills or a fever would give me great PTSD, I don’t even think of the other things that could cause these symptoms like COVID or dengue fever, I was just so scared of getting mastitis, yet again.

How did you overcome it?

Mastitis was rough, I’m not even sure how I got through it, but Bryan’s support was everything, as well as a trusty lactation masseuse or consultant. 
The first time I had mastitis, I did not have a masseuse on call, and Bryan stepped in to do it. It wasn’t easy because (if you’ve been through it before), your breasts are in so much pain without laying a finger on them. And for Bryan to help me with the warm compresses and massaging out the my clogs when I was just crying in pain the whole time took a lot of mental fortitude and patience on his part. He also accompanied me for every single nurse or pump for as long as I breastfed. 
Thank goodness, once my milk supply stabilised after the 3-month mark, it got a lot better. This happens to most moms who are struggling with breastfeeding and pumping at the beginning, and other moms would say it gets better in 3-4 months, and you’re thinking WHAT OMG I have 3 more months of this !#@$ but magically things do get better.

"I’m certainly not perfect, but I find myself checking and correcting my thoughts a lot more, preventing thoughts from translating into less-than-kind words or actions."

how has being a mum changed you as a person?

Motherhood has made me reassess my priorities in life and allowed me to connect deeper with my faith and my walk with God. I think after being a mom, I strive even more to be a better, kinder, and more patient person, in hopes that I can be a decent (hoping for more than decent) role model for Camille. I’m certainly not perfect, but I find myself checking and correcting my thoughts a lot more, preventing thoughts from translating into less-than-kind words or actions.


    How has your relationship with your husband,Bryan grown since camille's birth?

    Prior to having Camille, like in every relationship, we’ve had our fair share of issues, some big, some small, because marriage is work! But after having Camille and seeing how much love we all share with one another, and with our dog Leah too, it reinforces how precious that love is. 

    And how we must work even harder to protect this family that we have and are building together. Plus, I love seeing Bryan as a Dad, and he loves seeing me as a Mother, it really melts our hearts.

    What tips do you have for Mums re-entering the workforce?

    Be careful and be prepared for pregnancy discrimination. To quote the advocacy group AWARE, “it’s a form of gender-based discrimination is any action that specifically denies opportunities, privileges or rewards to a person (or a group) on the basis of gender, or characteristics associated with their gender. 

    When differential, unfair treatment in the workplace is motivated by negative perceptions or stereotypes about pregnant women’s or mothers’ capabilities, or myths about gender roles in child caregiving, that’s gender-based discrimination”. 

    It’s something I have definitely experienced during my job search, and I am so grateful that I have finally found a company that is respectful not just of my priorities, but seeks to be Earth’s Best Employer for all its staff (tall order, but a noble aspiration) - IYKYK

    What are you excited about in the coming months?

    I just started a new job, and want to contribute as much value as I can to my new role! And also to figure out how to successfully balance working and spending time with my family. Camille’s 1st birthday is fast approaching, so we have to start thinking of a memorable celebration for our family (she won’t remember, but we will!)

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